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The Founders.

It all started in a garage. Not we are the #1 leaders in our industry with thousands of customers world wide.

I founded a product-based company back in Jan 2018. I am ex-Chevron SCADA SME and hold 13+ years of experience in industrial automation (communication protocol development, Cybersecurity for process control networks, DCS, PLC, SCADA level 0 through 5). With majors in computer science and 13+ years of experience in industrial automation, I cover end to end of business and process automation systems.

My team has indigenously developed remote monitoring systems, energy monitoring systems, and PV Diesel Hybrid controllers. I am excited about the venues automation can do in much needed renewable energy sector.

Shaf Ali

Shaf Ali

Founder of IoTCloudware, CEO/CTO ICSS Enigneering, Control System Engineer, Biker.   Bachelors of Computer Science, University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Email: Phone: (+92) 311-0010-472 LinkedIn:

ICSS Engineering Pakistan is an Industrial Automation company which specializes in process automation or machine automation solutions based on PLC, HMI, DCS, RTU, SCADA Systems & Advanced Process Control Systems.

ICSS Engineering has been developing its own SCADA and cloud based solutions since January 2018 called IOT Cloudware, checkout for details. IOT Cloudware is Pakistan’s 1st IIOT Platform, that enables machine to machine (Telemetry) and machine to human communication over cloud or VPN, local and remote SCADA system and is solely focused on industrial automation integration with existing systems. Some salient features are:
– Platform independent (compatible with Windows and Linux)
– Graphical Web Interfaces
– Hybrid Mobile Applications that are compatible with phones and tablets
– Using raspberry PI’s or standard computers to acquire data over following protocols
> RS-485 (Master / Slave)
> Modbus TCP (Master / Slave)
> OPC UA (Server / Client)
> SNMP ver.1 & ver.2
> Hard-wired signals

In House developed HMI solutions:
– Platform Independent (compatible with Windows and Linux)
– HMI works on standard PCs as well as single chip PCs like Raspberry PI
– Support standard protocols like Cloud, OPC DA, Modbus TCP, Modbus RS485 e.t.c
– Real time trends
– Historical Alarm & Event Logging
– Report Creation

In House developed Industrial Protocol Convertors for following protocols:
– RS-485 (Master / Slave)
– Modbus TCP (Master / Slave)
– OPC UA (Server / Client)
– SNMP ver.1 & ver.2

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