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  • IOTCloudware SCADA was deployed as an energy monitoring system for one of Asia’s largest Jute Mill (Thal Jute), 650+ machines of sorts, 3MW+ load, 5 LTs
  • Read data from 61 ENTES energy analyzers over Modbus RS485 networks using 4 Raspberry PI 3B’s (with CH340 RS485 to USB converter).
  • Raspberry PI’s acted as gateways, they acquired data over Modbus RS485 and relayed to IOTCloudware server over WebSockets.
  • Deployed local IOTcloudware SCADA server to act as an energy monitoring system. We used Dell precision T5600 (dual Hexa core processor and 16GB RAM) and Ubuntu desktop for the server.
  • Developed customized web dashboards with live values, 32 types of auto-generated reports, historical trends and alarm logs. Checkout documentation link for more details.
  • IOTCloudware SCADA server was configured for 5 web clients per customer’s specifications.
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