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What is Electrocution? Why do humans get Electric Shock?

An electric shock occurs when a person comes into contact with an electrical energy source. Electrical energy flows through a portion of the body towards the ground/earth leading to electrocution. Exposure to electrical energy may result in no injury at all or may result in devastating damage or death.

Our house already has breakers installed, aren't they enough for my family's safety?

If a hair dryer falls in the bathtub or the toaster falls into the washing-up water, it can be fatal. The normal home fuse (fuse and line circuit breaker) offers no protection against electric shock as it reacts too slow and protects only the cables against overload and thus prevents extensive damage. Real protection against electrocution is provided only by Shock Protection circuits.

Conventional circuit breakers are sufficient to avoid cable fires. However, they do not protect people effectively against life-threatening electric shocks. In a proper electrical installation, ElectroGuard should be used in addition to the existing conventional breakers protection.

What are the common causes of electric shock in a Pakistani household?

Inquisitive Young Children

Child Electric Safety Pakistan

Damaged or frayed cords or extension cords

Child Electric Safety Pakistan from Broken Wire

Electrical appliances coming in contact with water

Electrical Appliance Safety Pakistan

Outlets Close to Water

Electric Safety Device Pakistan

Incorrect or deteriorated household wiring

Electric Safety Hazard Pakistan

Pouring Water on Electrical Fires

Electric Fire Safety Pakistan

Faulty appliances

Electric Safety Device Faulty Appliance

Wet Hands

Electrocution Safety Pakistan

What are the Impacts of Electrocution?

The human body conducts electricity. If any part of the body receives an electric shock, the electricity will flow through the tissues with little obstruction. Depending on the length and severity of the shock, injuries can include:

  • Burns to the skin
  • Burns to internal tissues
  • May cause Death
Children Safety from Electricity

How ElectroGuard works?

ElectroGuard is designed to save lives by monitoring power flow and making sure the flow is even. This is different from conventional circuit breakers used in Pakistani households, conventional circuit breakers are designed to protect household wiring from power surges and short circuits i.e. phase wire getting in contact with the neutral wire.

ElectroGuard is intended to trip out an electricity supply in the event of a current flow to earth. Which is a commonly occurring cause of electrocution in households. It can provide protection from harmful electric shocks in situations where a person comes into contact with a live electrical circuit and provides a path to earth/ground. Typical examples of this occurring are with the use of faulty electrical leads and faulty appliances. ElectroGuard operates in a fraction of a second and cuts off electricity supply to safeguard from electrocution.

Where is ElectroGuard installed?

ElectroGuard Installation on house without UPS?
Children Electric Safety Device

ElectroGuard Installation on house with UPS?
UPS Electric Safety Pakistan

What are the models of ElectroGuard?

ElectroGuard-3 Phase
ElectroGuard-1 Phase

How much will the installation of ElectroGuard cost for my home?

ElectroGuard Home Safety Device


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