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EnergyPK Electron

EnergyPK Electron helps with energy management and is specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications. Energy monitoring is the first step towards energy management. Understanding and analyzing the energy consumption pattern of your facilities helps support your decision making process. Better decisions result in policies that result in better energy saving & management.


  • Energy source contribution against energy demand
    • WAPDA
    • Generator
    • Solar
  • Seasonal energy consumption patterns
  • Daily energy consumption patterns
  • Optimal supply of energy e.g. optimal voltage, phases availability
  • ROI & Efficiency of Solar energy
  • Fuel auditing based on energy provided by generator
  • Energy losses
  • Energy auditing
  • Fuel auditing

Reporting & Access

  • USB flash drive
  • Email
  • Local display interface (connect any LCD with HDMI)
  • Web Client over local area network
  • Web Client over internet (public static IP)
  • Remote VNC Viewer access over internet (no public static IP required)


  • Email
  • SMS (optional)
  • Audible horn (optional)

Who can benefit from it?

Following industries can benefit from it

  1. Banks
  2. Telecoms
  3. Bakery chains
  4. Solar Companies with PPA contracts
  5. Company-operated franchises
  6. Small manufacturing plants
  7. Commercial plazas

Features of EnergyPK Electron

  • Records energy contributed by Generator, WAPDA & Solar on hourly, daily & monthly basis
  • All in one device energy analyzers + data recorder + local display + webserver
  • Energy analyzers Class 0.5s accuracy with THD measurements
  • Emails daily logs to the stakeholders automatically
  • Local display (connect any LCD with HDMI)
  • Accessible from local area network
  • Accessible from internet (if public static IP is provided)
  • Glass window enables manual reading without opening panel
  • Padlocks ensure tempering detection
  • Plug & Play system (only CT & power connections to be made per diagram)
  • Email notifications in case of alarms e.g. Low Voltage, Phase Loss, Over Load e.t.c.
  • Compatibility with mobiles and tablets
  • Monitoring and dashboards
  • 1 Year hardware replacement warranty
  • SMS notifications in case of alarms (Optional)
  • Notifies by activating audible horn in case of alarms (Optional)
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