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Energy Monitoring System

Online Energy Monitoring System Pakistan

Our EnergyPK energy monitoring system helps discover and save your energy data efficiently. Gain accurate, real-time insights into energy consumption and energy guzzlers. The user-friendly local and remote web dashboards ensure a clear and comprehensive overview of energy production and consumption, wherever you are. Figures are visualized in such a way that they are easy to comprehend.

EnergyPK helps you gain insights and control over energy consumption and production for greater energy savings. Easily access and use real-time and actionable energy data for electrical loads, energy analyzers, power meters, generators, solar inverters, WAPDA & UPS.

Applications of our power monitoring solution

  • Industrial energy monitoring system
  • Building energy monitoring system
  • Commercial energy monitoring system
  • One window energy monitoring solution
  • Power SCADA

Consolidated power monitoring solution for Pakistan

Our EnergyPK solution is a consolidated solution which can cover both generation, sources and loads of electrical energy. It also has sub modules particular to specific monitoring applications

  • SolarPK is monitoring solution for solar inverters remote monitoring. It is an online / offline Solar Remote Monitoring System
  • GensetPK is monitoring solution for generators remote monitoring. It is an online / offline Remote Generator Monitoring System. It can also be combined with another solution FuelPK module for generators fuel auditing.
  • UPSPK is monitoring solution for UPS remote monitoring. It is an online / offline UPS Remote Monitoring System

Features of our energy monitoring solution

  • Real time energy monitoring through live dashboards
  • Online energy monitoring through android mobile application
  • Web based energy monitoring for both internet and intranet
  • Energy monitoring analytics
  • Daily, weekly & monthly reports of energy generation & consumption
  • Alerts through SMS & Email
  • Alert through audible horn
  • Automated billing option
  • Both wireless energy monitoring and wired options
  • Acts as 3 phase energy monitoring as well as 1 phase

Supported Communication Protocols

We provide live monitoring of electrical equipment remotely in Pakistan. Our module can communicate to equipment from all major vendors. This is because our system supports following standard communication protocols

  • Modbus RS232
  • Modbus RS485
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ethernet
  • Serial

Custom Communication Protocols for Energy Monitoring System

We also offer solutions for custom requirements where corporate or government applications require electrical equipment to communicate to their servers over following protocols

  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • SNMP
  • Custom serial
  • Custom Ethernet
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