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Generator Monitoring System Pakistan



Generator monitoring system allows your team to increase availability of power to your critical infrastructure. Generator monitoring enables you and your team to provide

  • Prompt response to abnormal conditions
  • Remote support to onsite personnel
  • Preventive maintenance tasks
  • Better performance & reliability


Features of our remote generator monitoring solution

If the fault condition cannot be cleared in time, a service engineer can be dispatched to site to carry out further investigations, clear the fault and carry out any repairs.

  • Our online generator monitoring system monitors health and diagnostics of your generator and it’s critical components
  • Our remote generator_monitoring system offers online generator fuel auditing of internal and external tanks as an added feature
  • It sends out email or text message notifications to stakeholders on alarms or significant events
  • Our genset online monitoring systems offer web dashboards to help monitor all critical variables, alarms and notifications.
  • It can also work with 3rd party solar inverters, UPS systems, energy analyzers, battery management systems. Thus becoming a turnkey solution for you for all power systems can be monitored remotely from a single screen.
  • Our online genset monitoring system can also provide non voltage relay contacts in case if you wish to control 3rd party equipment
  • When alarm condition occurs, email & SMS notifications are sent to the maintenance personnel.
  • Our system can work over internet as well as intranet
  • We offer both wireless generator_monitoring as well as wired generator_monitoring


Online generator monitoring system Pakistan

Our online genset monitoring solution is flexible enough to cover generators from all major brands being used in Pakistan like

  • CAT generators
  • Cummins generators
  • Perkins generators
  • Siemens generators
  • Hyundai generators
  • Yamaha generators


Supported Genset Communication Protocols

We provide live monitoring of generators remotely in Pakistan. Our module can communicate to the generator vendor provided generator controllers or 3rd party controllers like SICES or DSC over following standard communication protocols

  • Modbus RS232
  • Modbus RS485
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ethernet
  • Serial


Custom Genset Communication Protocols

We also offer solutions for custom requirements where corporate or government applications require generators to communicate to their servers over following protocols

  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • SNMP
  • Custom serial
  • Custom Ethernet


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