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Online UPS Monitoring System Remote

UPS Remote Monitoring Pakistan

Our Solution

UPS remote monitoring system allows your team to increase availability of backup power to your critical infrastructure. UPS with power monitoring enables your team to provide prompt response to abnormal conditions. If the fault condition cannot be cleared in time, a service engineer can be dispatched to site to carry out further investigations, clear the fault and carry out any repairs.

  • IoTCLoudware is a complete UPS monitoring solution for smart uninterruptible power systems (UPS) systems. IoTCloudware utilizes Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Modbus TCP, Modbus RS232, and Modbus RS485 communication protoco
  • When a power loss event occurs, email & SMS notifications can be sent to the network administrator or maintenance personnel.
  • Our online UPS monitoring system monitors health and diagnostics of your UPS and it’s critical components
  • If required it can also perform orderly scheduled shutdown of your equipment
  • It sends out email or text message notifications to stakeholders on alarms or significant events
  • Our UPS remote monitoring Web dashboard helps monitor all critical variables, alarms and notifications from a UPS.
  • It can also work with 3rd party battery monitoring system, creating an environment where all power systems can be monitored remotely from a single screen.
  • Our online UPS monitoring system can also provides non voltage relay contacts in case if you wish to control 3rd party equipment
  • Our system can work over internet as well as intranet

Online UPS monitoring Pakistan

Our solution is flexible to cover UPS systems from major OEMs in Pakistan like

  • Homage UPS
  • Baykee UPS
  • Homage UPS
  • Inverex UPS
  • Aurora UPS
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