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Data Center / Server Room Temperature Monitoring

Server Room Temperature Monitoring System

Server Room Temperature Monitoring System in Pakistan, why is it required?

Server cabinet can oftentimes be an inhospitable environment for your servers to operate in. Servers, switches, and routers all generate heat. This heat needs to be expelled with cool air being drawn in to ensure that the equipment is operating at an optimal temperature. Heat is the deadly enemy of your servers. Excessive heat will cause shortened lifespan and increased energy costs as the server’s internal fans try to maintain the temperature. It is therefore critical that you monitor your cabinet for hotspots to avoid equipment overheating and to regulate cooling equipment.

It can be safely said that in Pakistan, most data centers employ the tactic of over cooling, with no detailed level of monitoring or control over the environment. This results in a very in-efficient data center with

  • High energy costs
  • Large carbon footprint
  • High Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) numbers

Server room temperature monitoring systems or also known as Data center temperature monitoring systems help resolve the above stated issues. IoTCloudware is the first solution available in Pakistan to address these challenges relaiably.

IoTCloudware Server Room Temperature Monitoring system

IoTCloudware data center temperature monitoring system can prevent the disaster before it happens. It gives you an overall view of your data centers environmental condition, allowing you to detect hotspots and problematic areas. It saves you time and money by notifying of potential catastrophic events. It helps avoiding downtime and increase server life.

Data center Temperature and Humidity sensors placed at strategic locations around the data center gives IT staff real-time monitoring. Usually one temperature and humidity sensor is installed in front of each rack and three temperature and humidity sensors are installed on rear of each rack at top, medium and bottom position respectively. Some temperature and humidity sensors are also installed on the walls of the server room to gauge ambient climate conditions. This enables detailed thermal mapping of the cabinet.

Data Center Temperature and Humidity Monitoring can be in following ways:

  • Remote / online server room temperature monitoring through web dashboards over
  • Local / offline server room temperature monitoring through HMI and audible horns
  • Data center temperature and humidity alert system with SMS & Email notifications

Benefits of IotCloudware Server Room Temperature Monitoring System in Paakistani Data Centers


Ultimately, all IT-based processes run via the server room. Problems in the server room rapidly affect the entire company – with unpredictable consequences. IoTCloudware data center temperature monitoring helps quickly recognize errors and safeguard your business IT from damage.


Servers are vulnerable to ambient temperature fluctuations, excessively high or low humidity, and power outages. Server rooms therefore require constant monitoring.


IotCloudware provides automatic alerts. Simply define the relevant threshold values and system will send you an alert corresponding to your configured preferences via SMS – wherever you are.


React quickly and proactively to any problems which occur in the server room. In many cases, errors can be fixed before server failures are even noticed.


Our regional support centers based in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore & Peshawar are always on standby support, should you wish to opt for service level agreements.

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