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PV Hybrid Controller

PV Hybrid controller ensures smooth and safe operation of your grid-tied solar systems with generators & grid. In other words it ensures optimal and cost-effective power dispatch to your load, so you enjoy lucrative benefits out of solar renewable energy even in case of a grid blackout. Photovoltaic Diesel system generally consists of a PV array, gas or diesel gensets and an intelligent management controller to control the mix of solar energy and hydrocarbon fuel energy. Integrating photovoltaics into existing power infrastructure (i.e. grid/generators) enables reductions in fuel costs and guarantees an efficient electricity supply.


PV Hybrid Controller Explanation

Diesel or gas gensets and photovoltaic technology can be combined in perfect harmony. Therefore syncing Grid-tied solar and generators together have now become extremely beneficial technically, ecologically, and especially economically. To control the entire system the EnergyPK PV Genset Controller is the first choice. 3rd world countries having areas with unstable grid or even no grid infrastructure have to rely on diesel or gas gensets for electricity. When a grid blackout occurs, the diesel or gas generators start operating to power the building. Without a management PV Diesel controller like EnergyPK Micro Grid controller, the PV production stops. In conclusion, thanks to EnergyPK Solar Hybrid controller, PV panels can still produce energy during blackouts, while ensuring minimum genset loading and reverse power protection to avoid any permanent damage to the existing generators.

PV Micro Grid Solution Worldwide


PV Hybrid Controller
PV Hybrid Controller EnergyPK
PV Hybrid Controller - Key Benefits

Installing EnergyPK PV Diesel Controller with grid-tied solar installations offers the following key benefits to the commercial and industrial applications (20KW to MWs):

1. Save on fuel cost (diesel/gas)

2. Increase ROI (make best out of grid-tied solar installation even in case of grid blackout)

3. Save on nuisance bills (because of export to non-metered grid connections)

4. Providing real-time insights of energy mix over VPN protected cloud portal

5. 24/7 technical support over email, phone & zoom

6. Mobile application (Android & Iphone)

7. Desktop application (Windows & MAC OS)

8. Redundant fail-safe design

9. Online updates

10. Micro-grid design implementation

11. Prevents feed into grid for non metered connections

12. Scalable for LV & MV applications

13. Compatible with major 3rd party weather stations

14. Compatible with major generator and sync controller brands

EnergyPK Fuel Saving Controller Operation

Firstly as the management controller syncing various energy resources. EnergyPK Fuel Saving Controller manages the overall system power dispatch to deliver operational expenditures savings while maintaining maximum operational safety and power reliability. Secondly, it has been designed to facilitate hybrid power systems deployment and provide flexibility for future systems expansions. Finally, EnergyPK PV Genset Hybrid Controller performs load monitoring, source monitoring, establishes smart communication to the genset controller and the grid tied solar to control automatic synchronization of the PV systems with the conventional, diesel or gas micro-grid. EnergyPK PV Genset Hybrid System design accounts for grid properties, load requirements, minimum Genset loading and ensures reverse power protection to the diesel gensets.

Moreover, EnergyPK Solar Hybrid Controller enables PV Diesel system to meet any microgrid requirements if sudden load changes occur the hybrid system reacts immediately if necessary and throttles down PV power to guarantee smooth Genset operation and optimum grid stability. EnergyPK PV Genset controller continuously ensures sufficient spinning reserve of the gensets.

Safety features of EnergyPK PV Hybrid Controller

The EnergyPK PV Hybrid Controller allows the application to maximize the use of renewable energy sources WITHOUT RISK of:

1. Running the generators in an underloaded condition

2. Protecting generator from reverse power conditions from the grid-tied solar inverters

3. Compromising on the availability of sufficient power to meet load demands

4. Exporting to grid in case of non-net-metered connections

5. Over fuel consumption

6. Over limiting the solar inverters due to poor algorithms

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Learn more about PV Diesel System design and features of EnergyPK Photovoltaic  Genset Hybrid design in our FAQ Section.

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