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EnergyPK EMS

EnergyPK EMS is a consolidated Energy Monitoring System. This SCADA is particularly designed for energy auditing, costing & billing applications. It integrates Energy Analyzers, Generator Controllers, Sync Controllers, Flow meters, Solar Inverters, UPS from all major brands.


EnergyPK Electron helps with energy management and is specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications. Understanding and analyzing the energy consumption pattern of your facilities helps support your decision making process.

EnergyPK 0X

EnergyPK 0X (Zero Export) is a protective device that limits on grid solar systems to export its production to grid. Commonly used in applications where, WAPDA net metering is not enabled.

EnergyPK 0X-DGP

EnergyPK 0X-DGP (Zero Export + Diesel Genset Protection) is a device that safeguards generator’s alternator against reverse feed + ensures reliability of your generator when it is sharing load with an on grid solar system.

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