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Sungrow PV Diesel Hybrid

Sungrow PV Diesel Hybrid system enabled by EnergyPK Hybrid Power solution, designed for solar + Genset and grid scenarios, provides reliable power supply to off-grid and unreliable grid areas and can handle complex and fast-changing applications scenarios.

The integrated design of the industry-leading EnergyPK PV Diesel Controller for Sungrow maximizes energy efficiency and optimizes the power supply solution architecture, meeting the needs of customers for a simplified, intelligent, and reliable power supply.

Our solution supports easy and flexible deployment with near ZERO post maintenance actions from operators. EnergyPK PV Hybrid Controller offers robust design to handle harsh working environments.

EnergyPK with Sungrow Installations
Fuel Saving Controller Installations with Sungrow Inverters
Integration with Number of Gensets
Genset Capacity (KVA)
Solar installed (KWp)
EnergyPK Fuel Saving Controller Operation

Firstly as the management controller syncing various energy resources. EnergyPK Fuel Saving Microgrid Controller manages the overall system power dispatch to deliver operational expenditures savings while maintaining maximum operational safety and power reliability. Secondly, it has been designed to facilitate hybrid power systems deployment and provide flexibility for future systems expansions. Finally, EnergyPK PV Genset Hybrid Controller performs load monitoring, source monitoring, establishes smart communication to the genset controller and the grid tied solar to control automatic synchronization of the PV systems with the conventional, diesel or gas micro-grid. EnergyPK PV Genset Hybrid System design accounts for grid properties, load requirements, minimum Genset loading and ensures reverse power protection to the diesel gensets.

Moreover, EnergyPK Solar Hybrid Controller enables PV hybrid system to meet any microgrid requirements if sudden load changes occur the hybrid system reacts immediately if necessary and throttles down PV power to guarantee smooth Genset operation and optimum grid stability. EnergyPK PV Genset Controller continuously ensures sufficient spinning reserve of the gensets.

Sungrow Micro Grid Projects based on EnergyPK Fuel Saving Controller
PV Diesel Controller 250KW Sungrow with 930 - 400 KVA generators

PV Genset Controller 250KW Sungrow with 400KVA and 1MVA Gensets in Lahore Pakistan

This is an EnergyPK PV Genset Hybrid controller showcase video for PV Genset / Fuel…

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Solar Hybrid Controller 200KW Sungrow with 250 KVA generator

PV Diesel Solar Hybrid Controller in Karachi Pakistan for Sungrow 200KW and 250KVA Genset

This is an EnergyPK PV Diesel Hybrid controller showcase video for PV Genset / Fuel…

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PV Management Controller 20KW Sungrow with 12 - 50 KVA generators

PV Diesel Hybrid Controller Pakistan Sungrow 20KW 12 and 50KVA Genset Lahore

This is an EnergyPK PV Diesel Hybrid controller showcase video for PV Genset / Fuel…

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